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"so what is this ?!" you might ask.
headcrash is a bunch of young people spending alot of time with the computer as an expression of art. we as a demogroup and as individuals are members of the demoscene, a worldwide spread scene concentrating on the creation of fancy and impressive realtime animations (so-called demos), graphics and music.

we're developing our productions for windows and linux now, some also for dos (intros smaller than 4k) and our older works are all running under dos.

questions about headcrash or our productions, feedback, bugreports ? don't hesitate to contact us. we're still somewhat like humans after all...

...and don't forget, we have this elk again...


28.03.06: oh, yes, we are still there. you may and should attend breakpoint or some of the upcoming parties (asm, evoke, ...) to meet us.

29.08.05: we are back from evoke '05 where the 64k co-production (with addict) bloom made rank #2!

25.08.05: meet us at evoke 2005.

04.08.05: styx is back from assembly '05. it was very nice as usual, meeting alot of cool people. the 4k intro uniform made rank #6.

31.05.05: long time since last update... we were at evoke '04, tum '04 and breakpoint '05 without major releases and will most likely attend assembly '05 and evoke '05... releases planned as always... we'll see :)

13.04.04: styx is back from breakpoint '04 where we released the 64k intro corbusier which ranked #7.